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TRIS - European Commission

If you were informed of a project which could cause problems or create barriers to your professional activities, do not hesitate to make your opinion known to the European Commission. The Commission will take these comments into account when it analyses draft new legislation notified in the framework of Directive (EU) 2015/1535.

Who to contact?

Interested parties can send their comments directly to the European Commission, DG Growth, unit B2 "Prevention of technical barriers". All addresses and emails can be found under "Contact".

What information should I send and when?

You can contact us via email. The email should include the name of your company, the reference of the notification and the subject of the notification, as well as why you consider it could create barriers to your activities (e.g. because the measure discriminates amongst foreign and national products or because it is overly burdensome, or it is not in conformity with EU law).

We advise you to contact us as soon as possible, so as to allow sufficient time for us to analyse your comments and, if necessary, pose additional questions. Ideally, we should receive your comments at least 5 weeks before the end of the standstill period indicated in the TRIS database.

What's next?

The European Commission, based on the reactions of businesses and its own analysis, decides whether to issue a reaction within the 2015/1535 procedure. If a reaction is issued, it is then sent to the notifying Member State.

Information that a reaction was sent within Directive (EU) 2015/1535 is included in public website TRIS. However, the content of the reactions are not publicly available. The access to them is governed by Regulation (EC) n°1049/2001 regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents. You can request access to these documents by sending an e-mail to indicating the document you are interested in.